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on the warhead and the delivery technologies. we are all wondering how far they will be going down that road. but certainly they have made progress. if things remain as they are, a nuclear arm of north korea will become a reality in the near future. >> the alliance will not remain bystander. nato secretary general spoke to nhk during a visit to japan. he called on them to join dialogue for a peaceful solution. >> i hope the message that they have sent to the north korean leadership will give a clear incentive to the north korean leadership to pursue dialogue and refrain from further provocative actions. >> he also said nato will stand by its allies. >> if a nato ally is attacked, it will probably be raised for consultation among nato ally the. nato allies will discuss the situation and make decisions based on the specific circumstances. >> north korea has been threatening to attack targets in the u.s. and allied countries. >>> america's second largest tv provider has launched a counter bid for sprint nextel. dish network is challenging japan's bank. they have offered over $25 billion in cash
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1